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February 21st, 2018 
Miguel Burgos
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Reports specific to Vellore Village

Every month the Toronto Real Estate Board releases its Market Watch figures showing sales and average prices for entire regions in Toronto.  Unlike the east, west and central areas of Toronto which are broken up into C1, C2 and so on.  The Vaughan area is classified as part of York Region and is broken up by city names, such as Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Newmarket and so on.

To understand sales figures and prices for a particular community in Vaughan it's necessary to break down the data further.  People in Vellore Village and the value of their homes are very different from those in Thornhill, or Kleinburg.  Yet the figures provided are for all of Vaughan.

No one is giving the people of Vellore Village an understanding of what is happening in their own community, UNTIL NOW...

The reports published here are meant for those considering Buying a house in Vellore Village and for those considering Selling their home.  It's meant as a ROUGH guide towards estimating the value of homes in the area.  For an accurate appraisal of your property, seek the advice of a Realtor who knows the area, such as myself.    There are many nuances to estimating the Value of homes including Hardwood floors, Finished basements, Updated Kitchens, other renos, and projects including paint colour and general cleanliness.  All these factors determine what a home is worth plus seasonality and market volatility.

Get a FREE HOME EVALUATION to learn the true value of your home.

If you're buying, seek the advice of a Realtor who knows the area.



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