About Miguel Burgos

Sales Representative

I'm your source for Real Estate How To...
I mainly serve the Vaughan Peel and Toronto communities with many of my past clients moving to Bradford, west to Milton and even to Durham. 

My goal is to help you make smart investment decisions, and take you by the hand to guide you through the process of finding the down payment, securing a mortgage, avoiding mistakes and ultimately buying the house.

If I was to describe myself with one word it would be:
Learning '
I am constantly learning.  I track each neighbourhood sales, I read articles, about real estate, listen to podcasts, videos, attend seminars, I never stop looking for more knowledge to assist my clients. 

I studied International Business and Marketing and worked in those fields for several years until deciding to finish more studies in Entrepreneurship & Business Development at Ryerson University with a minor in Business Communications.  
These corporate experiences taught me how to manage negotiations and create marketing campaigns to develop new business.  These past jobs taught me I was meant to run my own business.  To create value for others, to show integrity in my work and to express my creativity by implementing my marketing skills and startegies to help people move forward in their lives.  

Miguel Burgos
Real Estate Agent with Century 21 Heritage Group
License # 5755582

TEL: 647-700-0401