By: Miguel Burgos

Centro Sq Condos - A Game Changer

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Have you heard about the new Condominium project at Hwy 7 & Weston Road, called CENTRO SQUARE CONDOS .  This mixed use project by Liberty Developments promises to be a Game Changer in Downtown Vaughan. HINT:  I said, Downtown Vaughan - that's why this this is a Game Changer....                 The City of Vaughan is planning ...Read More

By: Miguel Burgos

Subway Extending to Vaughan Mills Mall, Canada's Wonderland & Vaughan Hospital....

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  I originally wrote this artcle in 2012 when the Vaughan subway extension was supposed to be completed.   As we know, the delays caused the opening to be extended almost 2 years, with the ribbon cutting ceremony taking place  on Dec 17, 2018.  With such delays and cost over runs, it's no surprise that talk of a further Vaughan subway extension has been mute, but...Read More

By: Miguel Burgos

Renting is better.... IF

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    There are big IF 's when considering whether to buy or rent.   IF - You are a disciplined investor, it may be better to rent   IF - You choose the right investments that keep up with the market or outpace the           market, then rent   IF - You don't have a family that needs a roof over their head, th...Read More