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Knowing the cost of a mortgage and how much you an afford is the first step in buying a condo or a house.  Learn about government rebates, $50,000 downpayment contributions and other tips and tricks to make you money.  If you are buying an investment property or buying a new home before your current mortgage expires, then there are certain steps you should take to reduce or eliminate costs.  

I have so much to teach you and each case is different, so get in touch and lets start a conversation to find the best way to structure the sale or purchase of a home.
For Example:  Did you know, that you can sell your home and transfer your existing mortgage to the buyer as well.  If your interest rate is better than the current rate, then you made your house much more appealing to a prospective buyer.  This is just one example.

Learn more and use the calculators below to start.

Land transfer tax calculator

Also calculate Municipal Toronto Land Transfer Tax 

Mortgage loan calculator

Buying a house in Toronto can be possible with special programs.  Learn more

CMHC insurance calculator

Allows you to buy with only 5% down payment.  Learn more.
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All these numbers can be over whelming and can be misleading if you don't know the ins and outs.
For Example:  Avoiding CMHC fees may not be in your best interest.  A small fee can help you qualify for a mortgage.  There are many little quirks that I share as your agent.  


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