Woodbridge Ontario - Vellore Village

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Woodbridge was previously known as an Italian community.  Those who live outside of Vaughan may still have that perception.
It has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.  Newer homes north of Rutherford Road in the community of Vellore Village have a mix of every culture. It is one of the most diverse areas in the City of Vaughan

Vellore Village is a neighbourhood within Woodbridge containing mainly detached homes and select areas with Townhouses and Semi-detached properties. Vellore village real estate has been steadily increasing in value since the community was built.  There are new houses for sale and old homes with several areas by Major Mackenzie Road still being developed.  The nearby neighbourhood of Vellore Woods on the northeast side of Weston Road is known for its large pillars architecturally decorating the houses with a sense of grandeur. Both these neighbourhoods have large community parks gathering the home owners for soccer games,dog walks and fireworks.  The vellore village medical centers are located within the nearby plazas as well as the Vellore Village pet hospital.

Vellore Village community center is the focal point for both these neighbourhoods.  Located on Weston Road the community center is constantly being upgraded.  It has a spectacular gym, swimming pool, theatre stage, soccer fields, skate board park and more.  It is one of the best community centers in the city of vaughan.


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